Best Shops to Visit in Matale

Matale is situated in Central Province of Sri Lanka. After you pass the hill country you have to get through from Matale to reach the Kings Kingdoms (Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa). Because of this Matale is becoming one of the emerging tourist hotspots in Sri Lanka.

Ayurvedic Spice Garden

Matale is situated in the middle of the country and you may find several Ayurvedhic Spice Gardens when you pass Matale. Straight roads and beside the road, you may see several name boards with big numbers. Those numbers make the identity of the spice gardens. Many people cal that particular number to refer to these attractions. You find a lot of gardens because Matale is one of the best places on the island to grow spices and herbal medicine. Therefore most of the land around Matale is used for cultivation of spices and other economic crops. You may find a lot of English, German, Russian, Spanish, French, Chinese and Arabic speaking guides in these attractions. Most of them talk just a bit of other languages with the help of English and gestures. But some of the products they sell are kind of expensive. But you should give a try as these medicines are really effective according to many tourists who visit the island. Back in 1990’s, there were a lot of children who gather around these gardens to get gifts from the foreigners. During that time most of the tourists who visited Sri Lanka took pens and stationery with them to handover or present to the poor children who live around the attractions. But as time passes these things gradually came to an end. The main reason was the children who were there begging for gifts has grown up with the tourists and now are in the tourism community serving the tourists who visit the Island. Even the following generations started learning some European languages since they were kids rather than gather to beg for gifts and money. Do not forget to hop and have a visit the charming Lucky Land Spice Garden which is situated in Palapathwala Road, Thotagamuwa, Matale. The particular number many tourist guides use to name this attraction is 101

Batik Shop

Came all the way from Indonesia, Batik Art is now one of the most popular industries in Sri Lanka. Even the recently appointed government has a Minister of Batiks, who has ordered to most of the government servants to wear batiks at least three days per week when they report to work. This shows that the islanders want to take this industry to the next level locally and internationally. Came to Sri Lanka during the Dutch ruling -era the clothes that are taken to do batik arts are 100% cotton. Furthermore, the dyes that are used for the paintings are colourfast. Why not drop by to a Batik shop situated in Matale? You may get a chance to see how this cultural painting has been done by the villager or inside the factories. You can buy some beautiful clothes in these Batik Shops. Men, Women and Kids can do some good shopping at these shops as the products you will find are premium quality unlike to ones you find the south and south-east coast. Kottegoda Batiks is one of the best Batik shops you will find in Matale

Street Food

You can enjoy a few of the delicious and authentic street food in Sri Lanka in Matale Town. Make sure you drive the correct way as there are some one-way roads across the town. The best way is to park at a municipal council car park which ensures the safety of your vehicle if you drive by yourself, walk around the city to find smaller street food corners. The food is really cheap and delicious.


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