Must Visit Places in Ella

Ella is situated 200km from Colombo and more than 1000m above sea level. This small town is a tourist hotspot in Sri Lanka. Here are the places you should not miss when you travel to Ella.

Nine Arches Bridge Demodara

The “Bridge in the Sky” shows the colonial-era railway construction in Sri Lanka. Situated between Demodara and Ella, The Nine Arches Bridge has become one of the must-visit places on the entire island. According to most of the visitors, the setting is picturesque. This place has become a travel photo attraction to almost every tourist who visits this place. This Bridge is surrounded by greenery and hills. Be careful when you walk on the sidewalls of the bridge, You can make a perfect snap for your Instagram risking your life

Ravana Falls and Cave

82ft in height and one of the widest waterfalls in Sri Lanka. There is a cave behind this waterfall named Ravana Cave which was used to hide princess Seetha by King Ravana who was ruling Sri Lanka. The Epic Indian Ramayana Story is behind this cave and the waterfall. This waterfall and the cave is epic and fits best for the hikers and trekkers. You may see magnificent scenery during the wet season and during the dry season, you won’t see much water and beauty of this waterfall.

Ella Rock

This famous cliff is more than 1000m elevated above sea level. Situated in Ella this rock is ideal for travellers who love hiking. When you get to the top all your tiredness will vanish as this will be one of Sri Lanka’s most beautiful sceneries. You may see loads of Tea estates and while you are on the hike you will get a chance to evade a tea plantation. Of course, walking through tea plantations will give you a different feeling.

The view at the top rewards you with the most breathtaking lookout across the hills of the country. Like in most of the Sri Lankan highlands, there are Tea Estates everywhere. With just a little walking, you can get to the plantations quite easily. Why not veer off the path and walk through the tea for a bit. 

Liptons Seat

Sir Thomas Lipton who was a Scottish tea baron used to survey his burgeoning empire this place. Ella is famous for sceneries. This destination surely is a panoramic scenery in the hill country. You can see almost 5 provinces in Sri Lanka from this dream viewpoint. In one side you will see the Hambantota Magampura Mahinda Rajapakse Port. Some lakes named Handapanegala lake, Chandreka lake, Udawalwe lake. A panoramic mountain range named WedaHiti Kanda and even the Southern Coastal Area can be seen if you travel to Liptons Seat. We recommend you to be there at least by 4.30 am or go in the evening with tents and camping equipment and spend the night. You can get a tuk-tuk from the village and get to a certain point. Keep on the mind to get the contact number of the Tuk Tuk driver to call him back when you want to depart from Lipton’s Seat. Make sure you get a weather forecast and more information before you plan to go and camp at Lipton’s Seat.


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