Things To Do In Kandy

Kandy is one of the few UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka. Kandy city is a charming plateau surrounded by tea cultivations and rainforests.

Visit the Sacred Temple of Tooth

When you hear the name “Kandy” you remember the famous and sacred Temple of Tooth. This is one of the main attractions you must visit when you are in Sri Lanka. This is located in the Royal Palace of the Last Kingdom of Kings of Sri Lanka. This was found by King Vimaladharmasuriya I of Kandy in 1595. The Temple of Tooth was named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year of 1988. The architecture of the massive and prestigious palace and the Bogambara Lake (Kandy Lake) is one of the world’s best architectures ever. In 1987 the famous golden canopy over the main shrine was built. 7 Golden Caskets shape of stupas are used to store the Sacred Tooth Relic. Several unique gemstones are engraved on the golden caskets to mark the pride of Sri Lanka. You are not allowed to wear sleeveless tops as well as you should cover your legs when you enter this site. Please do not forget to remove your shoes and headwear as well.

Kandy City Tour

Wander around the ancient city of Kandy. As this is one of the main Tourist Attractions on the island there are loads of world-class Pubs, Bars and Restaurants around. There are a few luxury shopping malls as well. But try the pavement ornaments and clothes as you will get a new experience for your selves. Some sellers on the pavement increase their prices when they see a foreign group. Do not hesitate to bargain when you shop on the streets. Furthermore, there are world-class restaurants which serve Sri Lankan, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Thai and European dishes. But why not try some local street food that will give you a great Sri Lankan street experience. Do not forget to take some cash (Lankan Rupees) with you if you do pavement shopping and go for street food as the sellers will not accept credit cards. but in fact, each and every major shopping marts, restaurants, pubs are bars will accept any type of a credit card. You will find several ATM’s in the City of Kandy so you can always keep your money in the safety locker of your hotel room when you walk around Kandy.

Night Life in Kandy

You will not find night clubs in Kandy as in Colombo. But there are several world-class pubs, bars and restaurants who serve foreign and local liquor. Any many cases the pubs are situated by the poolside. Try to get to a Pub around the Bogambara Lake as this will give you a fascinating view in the evening with the lights of the Temple of Tooth and Malls around if reflected through the waves of the lake. Of course, 80% of the crowd you will see are foreigners and the remaining locals have great hospitality as usual. To get the best night experience in Kandy you should walk around the lake from your hotel and all the pubs and restaurants are situated in walking distance. During the night it is better to take credits cards with you without cash. If you are tired of walking try a tuk-tuk for a penny. DO not forget to talk to a destination expert from Tulip Sri Lanka to get any advice 24/7.


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